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DE-3262465-D1: Sewing machine thread nipping and cutting device patent, DE-3262800-D1: Renally active dipeptides patent, DE-3262938-D1: Cell employing a coiled electrode assembly patent, DE-3263203-D1: Rock drill patent, DE-3264592-D1: Method for the automatic set-up of a television camera and television camera suitable therefor, suitable memory and lens system, and suitable memory patent, DE-3264702-D1: Regulating device for a gas turbine liquid fuel supply system patent, DE-3265729-D1: Low-calorie spread based on a low-melting butterfat fraction patent, DE-3265731-D1: Lateral acceleration control method for a missile and corresponding weapon system patent, DE-3266755-D1: Braking system for motorvehicles patent, DE-3266927-D1: Blasting apparatus, in particular for abrasive blasting by compressed air patent, DE-3267357-D1: A cathode for reactive ion etching patent, DE-3268180-D1: Method and apparatus for drawing in optical fibres twisted lengthwise, starting from softened glass patent, DE-3269097-D1: Printing machine with a cylinder which can be coupled to a driving device patent, DE-3270855-D1: Method for converting pam signals into pcm signals according to an approximated logarithmic characteristic patent, DE-3270857-D1: Methods of and apparatus for coating optical fiber patent, DE-3270949-D1: Implement attaching structure for a tractor patent, DE-3271309-D1: Switching power supply patent, DE-3272892-D1: Substituted pyrimid-2-ones, the salts thereof, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them patent, DE-3272962-D1: Holographic b-scan imaging method patent, DE-3273339-D1: Method and device for continuous transport patent, DE-3273689-D1: Switch chamber for electric contacts sealed from the environment patent, DE-3273878-D1: Shampoo composition patent, DE-3275336-D1: Radiating system comprising two stacked antennas working in the same frequency band patent, DE-3275465-D1: Thiolactime ethers of delta-1-pyrrolidine, and their preparation patent, DE-3276017-D1: Blood vessel projection imaging system using nuclear magnetic resonance patent, DE-3278131-D1: Standard line plant for the surface treatment of preheating, brushing, painting, drying and marking of metallic tubes patent, DE-3278310-D1: Leaflet attachment and method of attachment for prosthetic heart valves patent, DE-3278344-D1: Stabilization of influenza virus vaccine patent, DE-3279024-D1: Anterior chamber intraocular lens patent, DE-3280001-D1: Production of patterned fabrics patent, DE-3280046-D1: Telefonisches alphanumerisches datenuebertragungssystem. patent, DE-3360275-D1: Method of cleaning component parts and device for carrying out the method patent, DE-3360406-D1: Method and device for the electric ignition of an oxyfuel burner patent, DE-3360767-D1: A process for converting olefins to carboxylic acids or esters using soluble iridium compounds patent, DE-3361366-D1: Flow-dependent switch patent, DE-3361944-D1: Pressure control valve patent, DE-3362568-D1: Vacuum switch with two switch tubes in series per pole patent, DE-3362604-D1: Grooved gas gate patent, DE-3363062-D1: Method and device for monitoring the each time-charged capacity of accumulators patent, DE-3363263-D1: Housing with plastic cap for semiconductor components patent, DE-3364188-D1: Bis-esters of 4,5-di(hydroxymethyl)-2-oxo-1,3-dioxole as antibacterial agents patent, DE-3364531-D1: Noise control circuit patent, DE-3364717-D1: Liquid filling nozzle having rectangular end portion patent, DE-3365080-D1: Flexible magnetic disc drive apparatus patent, DE-3365092-D1: Speed measuring apparatus for flowable media patent, DE-3365877-D1: Process for the preparation of n-substituted acrylamide patent, DE-3366534-D1: Self-adapting and vibration-damping clamping device patent, DE-3367050-D1: Dual-band antenna system of a beam waveguide type patent, DE-3367631-D1: Process for the electrochemical production of sulfoxides of thioformamide derivatives useful as medicines patent, DE-3367740-D1: Magnetic separator patent, DE-3368344-D1: Method of making bipolar planar transistors patent, DE-3368943-D1: Styrene-based resin composition patent, DE-3369682-D1: 2-substituted 1-aminoalkyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-beta-carbolines, their preparation and use as medicaments patent, DE-3369850-D1: Penicillin derivatives and process for preparation of the same patent, DE-3370850-D1: Synchromesh transmission device suited for use as an automotive automatic transmission device patent, DE-3371819-D1: Photographic registration material patent, DE-3373258-D1: Aqueous solution for suspending and storing cells, particularly erythrocytes patent, DE-3374368-D1: Complementary logic circuit patent, DE-3374402-D1: O-carbamoyl salicylates and their preparation patent, DE-3374614-D1: Control device for an electrical actuator patent, DE-3374860-D1: Method for producing oxygen and nitrogen and membrane therefor patent, DE-3375380-D1: Dye transfer sheets for heat-sensitive recording patent, DE-3375563-D1: Retractor reel for a vehicle safety belt patent, DE-3375924-D1: Process for producing anthraquinone compounds patent, DE-3376278-D1: Position sensor patent, DE-3377152-D1: Wind turbine patent, DE-3377379-D1: Transmission differential patent, DE-3378028-D1: Portable machine tool patent, DE-3378309-D1: Sloop rigged yacht board patent, DE-3378622-D1: Improvements in or relating to grip wheels comprising strakes patent, DE-3379475-D1: Compact mist flow power generator patent, DE-3379627-D1: Privacy signal transmission system patent, DE-3381361-D1: Steuerungsvorrichtung fuer den automatischen flug eines flugzeuges. patent, DE-3381977-D1: Verdampfer. patent, DE-3460007-D1: Tributylphenol-ethersulphonates, their use and process for the preparation of ether sulphonates patent, DE-3461140-D1: Buccal end device for a smoking rod patent, DE-3462124-D1: Method for the reduction of the h2s content in processes of anaerobic decomposition, especially in sludge digestion patent, DE-3462425-D1: Foot locking device particularly for front entrance ski boots patent, DE-3462648-D1: Tdma system with a communications controller patent, DE-3462732-D1: Insulation-shearing electrical terminal patent, DE-3464448-D1: Self-suspended resonator with a high quality factor patent, DE-3465510-D1: Flow regulator patent, DE-3465771-D1: Pump for an oil burner patent, DE-3467821-D1: Photopolymerizable compositions patent, DE-3467981-D1: Circuitry for exciting a piezoelectric oscillator in an ultrasound therapy device patent, DE-3468272-D1: Flow regulator patent, DE-3468794-D1: Voltage converting circuit patent, DE-3469120-D1: Apparatus for coding and decoding a broad-band transmission patent, DE-3469275-D1: Process and reactor for carrying out an endothermic reaction patent, DE-3469439-D1: Substituted tetrazolinones useful as herbicides patent, DE-3469474-D1: Receiver comprising a search tuning circuit patent, DE-3472837-D1: Apparatus for the introduction to a tube of a measuring instrument attached to a cable patent, DE-3473737-D1: Method and device for controlling welding power supply patent, DE-3474929-D1: Method of encapsulating a substrat patent, DE-3474995-D1: Roof ventilator patent, DE-3475193-D1: Triazolo(4,3-c)pyrimidines and triazolo(1,5-c)pyrimidines substituted by nitrogen-containing heterocyclic rings patent, DE-3475713-D1: 3, 3", 4" -tri-o-acylspiramycin i patent, DE-3475746-D1: Dispensing container having capillary pressure compensating valve patent, DE-3475944-D1: Refrigerator patent, DE-3477164-D1: Thermal recording material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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